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Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Descent"

The descent of frustrated emotions was definitely satisfied by last night's epic return of The Vampire Diaries.

We left poor Rose on her death bed, but apparently she wasn't the only one harmed during the full moon.

Jules was hungry last night and the remains of a camp outing gone awry proved just how hungry. Attempting to cover her tracks by disposing of the lifeless bodies in the fire, she's interrupted by a police officer. He doesn't suspect her because she shows emotion over the loss of her "friends." He also doesn't expect that 2x4 to the back of his head.

Aaaaah, gotta love this show.
"Your easiest option."
At the Salvatore Broodinghouse, Elena greets Stefan warmly in his bedroom. Instead of enjoying the moment, Stefan wants to discuss how Elena will not become Elijah's pawn. (What a bore!) He seals her protests to dismiss the topic with a kiss.

It's also Stefan's first day willingly consuming vervain. Like Katherine, he will consume a small dosage everyday in order to build up tolerance. Although it's probably worse, the agony he goes through is what I imagine taking a grand swig of rubbing alcohol would be like. Not fun.

Elena didn't, however, offer him blood. I wonder if he's over that need.

Meanwhile, downstairs Rose is suffering from her bite wound. It's getting worse and her physical state is rapidly descending. She justifies her death because she has lived a long life. Rose is a sweet character, but I'd have to agree that 1450 to 2011 is a great run.

Stefan leaves to begin Operation Stop Elijah. Since Damon, too, has his own agenda to accomplish that leaves Elena to look after Rose.

The wound is causing an array of symptoms to wash over Rose. The first being fever.

Elena gently tucks Rose into Damon's bed. (Damon has a room- yay!) Rose begins to question Elena as to why she's so willing to sacrifice her life. She encourages her to keep fighting.

Soon, the casual conversation ceases as Rose begins to go through fits of pain. Elena hands her a glass of blood to drink in effort to calm the pain, but it's like toxic fluid and she spits it out. Eyes aloof, hunger building, Rose lashes out at Elena as a result of mistaken identity. "It's all your fault, Katerina!"

Instantly, Elena begins pleading with Rose to see that she is, in fact, Elena. She's probably never wanted someone to recognize her so badly in her life, and luckily Rose calms. Still in pain, and slightly delirious, Rose states she wants to go home. In order to keep Rose's mind focused, Elena inquires. "Tell me about it."
"I really want to thank you."
Meanwhile, the school is preparing for yet another fundraiser. The once budding friendship between Tyler and Caroline is definitely in full bloom- and I like it! Especially because Tyler's rageful demeanor has calmed since Caroline has become a significant part of his life. During their conversation, Caroline reveals to Tyler about the deadly wolf bite. "It would be curtains for me." It mesmerizes him more than Caroline's fancy eyelashes. But before he can inquire further, someone else who finds Caroline a significant person in their life arrives. Matt "Can't Catch A Break" Donovan.

He's not jealous, but covers all basis with a kiss. Their relationship has been up and down as a result to Katherine's plans and Caroline's incessant need to withhold the truth. So, the kiss only prompts Caroline to do one thing. Run.

Not satisfied with that choice, Matt tracks down Caroline in the school corridor and confronts her about the disappearing act. Clearly holding back, she has no answer to share with him other than the truth. "I feel like...I love you." A cheerleader summons Matt, but he's too focused on this learned information that he calls over his shoulder that it can wait. Unfortunately, Caroline took that split second to bail.

Poor Matt. Even after the hiatus he still can't catch a break. But, with everyone in football uniform the team may be recuperating. Is their a new coach?
The Grill is a hot spot for vampires and werewolves alike. Stefan finds Alaric just as he's wrapping up a brief conversation informing Damon that Jules is in the building. Stefan asks him for a phone number that could potentially lead him to Isobel. Alaric agrees to go look for it and says he'll text Stefan his findings.

Shortly, Stefan receives that text. "Isobel 919.399.2507."* He leaves a message strongly asserting that the matter is urgent as it involves Elena's well being.

Enter Damon. Immediately spotting Rose's attacker, he puts his head down and puts on his game face. Stefan's not on board with this strategy and cuts off Damon before he "rip[s] her spleen through her back" in public. The older brother assures him that the conversation will be cordial. A phone call sets Stefan onto his next mission, leaving Damon and his vices to persuade Jules to share the cure to the werewolf bite. In return, he promises not to kill her. Jules is very confident for someone who doesn't have the power of the moon for another month. "Bite me." (You know, Damon, she has an attitude, I really wish you would.) Alas, Jules gives in to sharing the cure: "Take a stake and drive it through her heart."

Throughout the day's events, Damon has been working really hard to mask his emotions. His need to save his friend is absorbed in his every movement.
"I'm not Katherine!"
His friend, however, is gone. Again.

Elena finds Rose having a buffet with the private stash of contraband blood. Once again, Rose is in a delirium and mistakes Elena for Katherine. She's covered in blood and her eyes read crazy. This time Elena is scared. Pleading with Rose that she recognize who she is, Rose hesitates giving the illusion of calm recognition. But then we wouldn't be watching the phenomenon of The Vampire Diaries, would we?

In a sequence of OMG! escape moments, Elena's successful efforts to flee- and fast, boil down to her quick wit and resourceful decisions.

She is tackled near the window and pulls the curtain down to allow sunlight to cover Rose's back. Then, racing to the door, she's pinned once again. Rose bares her fangs, but Elena isn't done fighting. Digging her nails into Rose's wound, Rose is stalled by the excruciating pain. Elena sprints to Stefan's room, locks the door, and creates a blockade with the desk.

But she doesn't stop there. Breaking the back of the wooden chair, she creates a stake. Then, opens the balcony door so that in the event Rose breaks through the barricade, she can step into the safety of the sunlight.

On the other side of the door, there's a shift in Rose's tone. But, Elena's on guard. She won't give in. Because this time, she may not be so lucky.
"We need to talk."
Tyler is waiting for Caroline at the Forbes's residence. It's a huge deal that Caroline willingly helped Tyler during his transformation with the knowledge that his bite could kill her. She confesses to him that because they're friends, she cares for him even though he has a wall built up around him. Then, he kisses her. Twice. Long and sincere. But she can't embrace this, after all she loves Matt. "Everyone just needs to stop kissing me."

Following his visit with Caroline, Tyler heads over to The Grill where he has been summoned by Jules. She tells him that Mason's been murdered by vampires and that "there are others like us; and they're on their way." Throughout Jules's protests against vampires, Tyler defends Caroline. Nonetheless, he's learning more about himself, Caroline, and the potential of other supernatural beings in Mystic Falls. Although he is unsure about Jules, he knows he can learn something from her. "Hey, I can help you."

Night has settled and Elena is still held up in Stefan's room. The house seems to be quiet, is Rose out there? Or, is she going to come through the veranda!

Elena slowly pushes the desk away from the door and turns the lock. Peering down the hall, the coast seems to be clear. On guard with her stake in hand, Elena slowly travels down to the parlor. So far, no sign of Rose; but she's not alone. Damon. "Where's Rose."

The fundraiser, where else? Damon is able to subdue her after she kills her third innocent victim. He carries her back to the the Broodinghouse and she profusely apologizes. Elena forgives her because she knows that she's sick. Still, I find it odd that Elena has become so comfortable with the idea that supernatural death occurs in Mystic Falls (Bonnie would have none of that!). Rose insists that Elena doesn't give in to becoming a sacrifice. "You need to fight."

Damon dismisses Elena so that he can take care of Rose as she goes through another fit of pain. "I got this." And, surely, he does. Holding her closely she falls asleep in his arms. It's a flashback to her home outside of London. In an open grassy area with horses, a lustrous tressed Rose frolics about with the sun gently kissing her skin. Damon has recreated Rose's favorite memory, the memory she shared with Elena earlier. As in real life, Damon sits and holds his friend, and in the dream they discuss family and life. Soon, Rose, with childlike enthusiasm, suggests they race. On her mark...

They stand preparing to bolt to the finish.


Damon lifts a stake over his sleeping friend.


Tears flow down his face as his only option is most unbearable.


"That is my secret."
The torment that plagued Damon's face was heart-stopping. This time he killed out of protective love.

Calling the sheriff, he shows her Rose's body and lets her know that he'll dispose of it. Indeed, it may be his most meaningful burial. Once he arrives back home, he finds Elena waiting. "Doom, gloom, and personal growth." He's clearly upset over the fact that the bite was meant for him. She embraces him, encouraging him to let go of the remorse, but not the feeling of humanity.

Now, in a drunken state. Damon's pulling the ol' 1864 lay-in-the-middle-of-the-street-to-afflict-death on-innocent-samaritans trick. The lucky participant is Jessica. He spills his existential dilemma about how much he misses humanity. But he knows he can no longer embrace it because he's not human. And as though to reassure this to himself. He kills her.

Back in town, Elena reaches her home to find Stefan. Stefan clearly forgot how to use his cell phone because he's been MIA since he took that phone call at The Grill. Appearing a little too cheery when he greets Elena, he explains why.

Surprise! Uncle John is back.

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Photos: CW
Director: Marcos Siega Writers: Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft

Saturday, December 11, 2010

By The Light of The Moon

Tonight's the night we witness Tyler's first full moon transformation. Are you ready?

Night before the full moon. At the Lockwood residence, Tyler is anxiously packing his transformation essentials meanwhile Mason's video is playing in the background. I'm not sure if that's helpful. I feel like he should be listening to Eye of The Tiger or something, but that's just me.

Now that he has psyched himself out, he desperately tries to telephone his uncle to no avail. So, he leaves a message expressing his weariness over the up coming full moon; it's overheard by a female house guest.

Wasting no time, this guest drives up to Mystic Falls reaching the Lockwood Mansion by morning. Meeting Carol and Tyler, she introduces herself as Jules, a friend of Mason's. She expresses to them that Mason's not in Florida. Tyler heads over to the Grill, leaving his mother to sort out the missing person's report. Shortly thereafter Jules leaves as well, but she stalls in the driveway to make a phone call proving there's more to her 13 hour car ride. "Mason was lying; there is another werewolf. His nephew."
"Why are you on some suicide mission."
Over at the Gilbert house, Elena and Bonnie are disputing over recent events. Bonnie is now on the duty of dispelling the moonstone, and Elena isn't happy about it. Jeremy questions why she has to be so forthright in her self destruction, but Elena just shrugs it off. Apparently, Operation Sacrifice isn't over yet. Left alone in the room, she takes the moonstone from Bonnie's purse, grabs her keys, and attempts to head out the door. Bonnie, however, rounds the corner intercepting her escape. Elena tells her that she's on her way to see Stefan, but her best friend's not buying it. Especially because Jeremy approaches with an empty purse proving Elena's true agenda. It was a test.

In order to prevent Elena from more "Better I" attempts, Bonnie has placed a spell over Elena sealing her in the house.

At the tomb, Damon is being a thoughtful older brother. He brings Stefan a care package: lamps, blood. Stefan graciously accepts, however, refuses the blood so that Katherine wouldn't have access to it. "Don't worry about me, just make sure Elena's safe." Katherine tries to use Klaus's inevitable arrival to threaten Damon, but I love how he's forced himself to be so cold to her. "I've been dead before, I got over it."

Damon then heads over to the Gilbert's for "Elena Patrol." Maybe just to monitor her phone use, because it's not like she can go anywhere.
"You've been marked."
The Grill is busy with patrons. Including Jenna and Alaric who are wrapping up their brunch. Jenna leaves because she's expecting a visitor at the house. A writer is visiting Mystic Falls researching small town Virginia, and Jenna's hosting a Historical Society event for him. As she leaves, Tyler enters to find Caroline. They will be heading to the cellar to prepare for tonight's full moon, but before they leave Tyler mentions Jules's visit. Caroline flashes a quick glance at Alaric who then calls Damon to share the news.

After transferring his duties to Jeremy, Damon arrives with a strategy and wolfsbane to boot. He and Alaric are ready to team up on this mystery friend. Is she a werewolf, too? Jules walks into the Grill and asks Matt "Eyes So Blue" about Tyler and his possible whereabouts. She takes a seat at the bar quickly to be harassed by a surprisingly believable drunken Alaric. Now it's Damon's turn to be the white knight. Playing savior he comes to Jules's rescue, only it's false concern as his main agenda is to distract her from Alaric mixing wolfsbane into her drink.

Some time has elapsed and Jules still hasn't taken a sip from her drink. So, Damon tries to woo her, eye flirting and all. He tells her how he finds Mason to be a stand up guy, and is shocked at his disappearance. Still, she hesitates to partake in her drink. As a desperate resort, he lifts his glass and asks her to follow suite. Jules lifts her tainted drink, but slams it back down. She calls out Damon revealing that she "sniffed" him out long before he attempted to drug her, and demands information on Mason's whereabouts. "I'm sorry to inform you, you probably won't find him." She threatens him that on this full moon, his life is marked. She leaves the bar, and Damon attempts to follow. He has that no one threatens me and lives look in his eyes, but Alaric convinces him to go home. And lock the doors.
"Bonded by a code of loyalty."
Meanwhile, Bonnie goes to Luka. "Luka, I'm so sorry." She feels awful about channeling him without his consent, but she's grateful that he's very quick to forgive her. As Bonnie enters his home, there's an amazing amount of grimoires. Apparently Luka's father, Dr. Evil, is an advocate for family heirlooms- he believes all witches are somehow bonded because of the craft they share. Bonnie believes that it's this loyalty that lets Luka hold her in high regard. Well, sure; that's one reason.

She questions whether or not any of the grimoires have a spell that breaks the bond over a talisman. Showing Luka the moonstone, he agrees to help her although she doesn't tell him why.

Back at the Gilbert residence, a trapped Elena is helping her aunt gather boxes of historical archives out of the hallway closet. Upon closing the door, Jenna reveals the inquiring researcher. Elijah. He casually greets Elena as if he's the new neighbor! Great. This means he's been invited in! OMG! Jenna walks him out and Elena high-tails it up the stairs to share the alarming news to Jeremy. But, it's no use. Elijah is already upstairs, and the fear of him hurting the ones she loves forces her to keep his presence to herself.

My goodness, Jenna would be more careful if they filled her in once in awhile. But, there's no time to deliberate- "I'm prepared to offer you a deal." He's no longer in cahoots with Klaus, and wants to use Elena as a bargaining tool to defeat him in the future. So, he needs Elena to stay off the radar. In return, he promises to make sure that all of her loved ones remain protected. She agrees, but has a condition of her own. Free Stefan.

But is it too late? The moment has come. In the tomb, we witness Katherine taunt Stefan. She tells him that no one has to know their indiscretions. Stefan at first is reluctant to her kisses, but is overcome by a burning passion for his first love. Things are hot and heavy, and then...

Dream! (Sorry Delena shippers.) "Maybe I can do eternity in here after all."
"Still human."
Tyler and Caroline are in the cellar setting up. Tyler is doing his best to mimic his uncle's preparations. "Hey Tyler, how you doing?" He takes his shirt off which startles Caroline. He assures her that his pants are elastic- although they probably won't stay put- like the Hulk. Oh, he made a funny. Wrapping himself in chains and triple checking their reinforcement, he attempts to digest the wolfsbane. Choking and in agony trying to consume this he repeatedly tells Caroline to leave, but she won't. It's a horrible thing to witness, but she won't let her friend experience this alone.

Across town, Bonnie and Luka have prepared a circle of candles on a rooftop in clear view of the moon, almost full. They begin their chanting and the energy between them builds. The moonstone is suspended from their joined palms and soon begins to shine like a fourth of July sparkler. It's done. The charmed duo are lost each other's gaze, once again overcome by their bond.

So, that's it? It really worked? The curse is broken?

But, Tyler is in agonizing pain. It's a few hours until the moon is at it's fullest, and Tyler is beginning the transformations. His temperature begins to sky rocket forcing perspiration to build over his tensing muscles. He grits his teeth and groans at the elements manifesting within him. Soon, his joints extend, twist and turn. "It hurts!" Caroline can only embrace him. But, Tyler continues to yell at Caroline to leave. His eyes turn golden and fangs come down to a sharp point.

Bye, bye Caroline. Her tombstone will read:
Great friend, Community activist, Always cheerful...

Caroline's quick reflexes take her behind the metal gate which she rapidly locks by winding chains around the bars. Tyler's animal instinct has taken over and he is fiercely trying to break out to attack the vampire he senses. He breaks away from his restraining hooks, but she safely slips out of the cellar and boards the cellar door shut. Now, in wolf form he charges at the door causing it to splint. In tears, Caroline bolts. Unfortunately, there are other dangers in the woods.
"There's nothing here for you, Rose."
Damon makes it back to the Broodinghouse safely. Curiously, he checks the house- yup, paranoia will do that to you. There are no werewolves present, only Rose. Last we saw her was in Richmond when she ran off at the sight of Elijah. Now, she has nowhere to go and apologizes to Damon for her disappearing act. She's cut short at the sound of glass breaking.

They go survey the damage and are confronted with a vicious wolf. Jules has tracked Damon and she's going in for the kill. Rose pushes him out of the way and is, in turn, bitten. Damon stabs the wolf with a fire iron forcing it to run off. Assessing the damage on Rose, they notice that the wound is healing. Myth.

Feeling much relief over this revelation, Damon and Rose sit to have a fireside chat. Rose is willing to stay around to help Damon with "all things Elena." She is also willing to be a special friend. Soon, they begin doing special friend things. Damon brushes his hand over her shoulder, but she flinches in pain. They pull back Rose's robe to reveal singed skin. So much for a myth.

Caroline returns to the cellar. Cautiously. Calling out for Tyler, he answers, "Caroline." That moment for Tyler must have been the biggest relief to know that he wasn't alone through his transformation. As she enters, she finds him shivering on the ground. Still frightened, but his friend's embrace is reassuring.
"Goodbye Katherine."
Luka and Bonnie part, but the grin on his face as he arrives home is ever present. However, once he sees Dr. Evil it disappears. As Luka indirectly returns the moonstone to his dad it is revealed that the talisman was never altered. He lied to Bonnie. (Karma? Why didn't she keep the stone?) Now, Luka's only friend and love interest is non existent. His night isn't over yet. Elijah needs them to break the tombstone spell.

Inside the tomb, Katherine wants to talk to Stefan, but he's not interested. "Yes, I've done terrible things. I know that. But, I still love you, Stefan." To prove it, she tells him to look to Isobel, an expert at researching, to find Klaus. At this point, neither of them know that Elijah is still walking the earth. So, to see him standing at the tomb's entrance is a shocker. "Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened."

He's just as intrigued to see Katherine as well, but his mission is to release Stefan. Once Stefan is out, Katherine attempts to follow. Her path is blocked by Elijah who then compels her to stay put until he says otherwise. Beckoning after Stefan, she's alone to ponder the new dangers of her existence: trapped in the tomb and accessible to Elijah.

Sitting at her bedroom window, Elena pulls back the curtain to reveal Stefan's reflection. Did she imagine it? No, it's really Stefan. Her bargain with Elijah worked, and he's here. They embrace and like their first meeting, it's the same giddy smile that lights up her face.

Stefan and Elena have survived the odds to reunite once again. Their love is their fuel for survival. In his arms, Elena has found safety. In her arms, Stefan has found his reason for existence.

Ready for a month and a half of hiatus? What are your thoughts on Caroline and Tyler's budding relationship? Do you think Bonnie will give Jeremy a chance after Luka's stunt? What's going to happen to Rose?! Oh man. Share your OMG moments below. Then, find me, Danielle DuCré on Twitter @msdanielley, we can discuss Diaries in 140 characters or less..

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Ultimate Sacrifice

"Well, I'm naked so I'm gonna go."
Alaric welcomes us back after a heart wrenching two week hiatus with boxer briefs and a bowl of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. Although Elena is glad her aunt is in a positive relationship for once, she's definitely in an uncomfortable position standing in the hallway with barely clothed guardian figures. They say their goodnights and Elena hops back into bed moments after Dr. Evil (Dr. Jonas Martin) swipes hair from her brush, a framed picture, and other personal items.

In a complimenting contrast- Stefan in white, Damon in black- the Salvatores head to the tomb on a mission to obtain the moonstone from Katherine. She's game for some company if they're willing to step into the tomb to get it, but Damon makes it clear that this is nowhere near an option. "I'd rather poke my eyes out." So, she makes them an offer: her freedom for the moonstone.

"Err live."
Taking this news back to Elena, the brothers expect her to have a little more enthusiasm over the fact that there's a way to save her life. But, she's not. Nor is she eager to rebuild her relationship with Stefan at the moment. Elena has understandably been worn down by the latest events in her life, but is she ready to give up?

She may be, but Damon and Stefan surely will fight til the death- well, final death. They set out to prepare for Operation Moonstone. Surely they will need a capable witch on their side to temporarily break the tombstone spell- Bonnie.

Currently, she is at MFH walking with Luka. A relief is washed over her as she takes comfort in being able to confide in him the difficulties and set backs of trying to strengthen her craft. "You need help...from nature, the elements." Luka also shows her how to channel another witch's power. Utilizing their jewelry as talismans, Luka is able to summon a wind that picks up like a Kansas storm. Autumn leaves funnel and the surrounding students begin to take cover. He releases the spell; they connected.

Witnessing the energy between Bonnie and Luka, Jeremy strolls up questioning on the weather. "Global Warming," are the wise words Luka shares before heading off to class. Then, receiving a text from Damon requesting her presence, Bonnie and Jeremy head to the Broodinghouse.

After a debriefing of the situation, Bonnie agrees to help by temporarily dismantling the tomb spell. In addition, she says that she will produce ash from an object of Katherine that will paralyze her as they grab the moonstone. It's been 146 years, but Stefan is able to produce something of Katherine's; the infamous picture of 1864. Worried that Bonnie is overexerting herself, Jeremy steps in to protest. However, Damon has no patience for teenage bravado and harshly questions the reason for his presence.

Using Katherine's framed photo, Bonnie creates a spell over the fire that is burning it to ash. (After 146 years, I wonder what the percentage of sentimental value was that Stefan gave up.) As she collects the remnants, Damon and Stefan prepare to leave for Operation Moonstone by loading up all of Alaric's toys, err, battle weapons. Once in the clear, Jeremy once again expresses his concern. Insisting that she's fine, he offers to help collect the ash. As she finds a container, Jeremy uses his school i.d. to shovel a portion of the ash into his hand. What'cha plannin' on using that for, buddy?

A suicide mission nonetheless.

Trying to be a hero, Jeremy rushes to the tomb alone to obtain the moonstone. Idiot! "Naive little Gilbert, if you want it you're gonna have to come here and get it." With that, he drops a stake from his right sleeve and fires into Katherine's abdomen. Then, releases the ash form his left hand, paralyzing her. "I figured you'd say that." Of course good deeds don't go unpunished, the moonstone is at the back of the cave! Jeremy grabs it and makes his way back out, but has a struggle with Katherine. He should've had a stake prepared! This is Mystic Falls 101! At least he's smart enough to throw out the stone before she sinks her teeth in him. Is this the finale for Elena's little bro?

Meanwhile, back at MFH, Matt apologizes to Tyler for his behavior at the Lockwood Mansion where he picked a fight. Clearly understanding the circumstances, Tyler is quick to forgive him. (Poor Matt is so sad! All the recent events in his life are eating him up inside. GIVE THIS GUY A BREAK ALREADY!) Leaving Tyler on the basketball court, he runs into Caroline. They share less than a moment and he moves on again, probably hoping not to break down.

Seeing Tyler, Caroline inquires about the "wolf thing." She extends her help, and although curious as to why she's being so considerate, he doesn't turn her down. (In the background we hear Kat Graham's version of 'Only Happy When It Rains'.)
"Unimaginable pain."
Taking a stroll through the woods, Tyler inquires about Caroline and Matt's relationship. Realizing her dilemma with the situation, he adds, "It's not really fair to be with someone and not really let them know who you are. I get it." He surely does. And he proves it to her by leading Caroline to the Lockwood cellar. While examining the bolts and chains, Caroline uncovers a journal. Tyler reads:
August 31
My body is changing...
It's Mason's journal. And, there's a computer chip inside. Rushing back to the Forbe's residence, they soon discover that Uncle Good Looking documented each transformation, including a video entry. It's good to see Taylor Kinney again, although the circumstances aren't so kind. The chip provides hours of footage of Mason's agonizing transformation. Tyler, understandably, is getting choked up watching his future. Again, he asks Caroline why she's helping him. They have a heart to heart about entering into the unknown and add another link to their growing friendship.


It's Matt. Not sure what to say, he settles for honesty, "I miss you." Although Caroline is beaming, the sight of Tyler reinforces Matt's uncertainty and dims the hope right out of those baby blues.
"The doppelgänger is alive and she's ready to surrender."
We last saw Elena upset at the fact that all of her loved ones are preparing to risk their life to save hers. When the Broodinghouse is clear of her protectors, Elena finds Rose and gives her an ultimatum. If Rose introduces her to Slater, who will then get her into contact with Klaus, Elena will supply Rose with a day-walking ring. "You owe me." Hesitant at first, Rose agrees; and they set out so that Elena can make the ultimate sacrifice.

Arriving at Slater's home in Richmond, they are greeted with the sight of a stake through Slater's heart and a crying human girlfriend, Alex. (Although it was sad to see such a nice character go, Slater was like an Encyclopedia. He probably held the Guinness World Record for accurate Wikipedia entries. He lived a fulfilling life.) Unable to log into Slater's PC, Elena asks Alex if she knows the password. Alex is baffled by Elena's gall. "I understand that. Do you know his password?"

To speed things up a bit, Elena blackmails Alex into believing that if she cooperates, Rose will grant her her deepest desire- to turn. Slater who? Alex is on the phone with his most prominent contact, Cody Webber. "I'm getting Klaus's attention." Elena is definitely channeling her Petrova genes! She's been taking charge all day, but, it's her next line that distinguishes her as Elena Gilbert: "It's either me or my family." Unlike Katherine, Elena is willing to sacrifice her life before endangering another.

Rose doesn't agree with Elena's plans, so she calls on Damon to diffuse the situation. He arrives with no focus on baring his love for Elena, but showing tough love to save her. "Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself." She attempts to punch him- attempts being being the operative word. "I don't want to be saved."

Apparently Damon wasn't the only one summoned. Dr. Evil and Elijah used the stolen items from Elena's room to perform a locating spell. Elijah falls right in behind Cody and Crew as they break down the door to Slater's home, and attempt to haul Elena off and become legends. Noticing Elijah, the Crew is in awe, so he uses their reaction to reach inside each of their chests and rip out their unbeating hearts. Sorry Elijah, Damon's not impressed- he does this all the time, you know.
At the tomb, Operation Moonstone is underway. Damon didn't leave word as to where he was going, so Bonnie and Stefan begin on their own. Descending the stone steps, they notice that the moonstone is out-but, Jeremy is in. This fuel's Bonnie urge to summon the spell and she does so with the help of Luka, as she still carries his talisman. It was a spell that spared no energy from both her and Grams, and this is no different. Through Jeremy's protests, Bonnie continues though her body is breaking down. Unbeknownst to her, across town Luka is experiencing the same energies. Turning from Dr. Evil to a concerned father, Jonas Martin places his hands on Luka's temples and says a bond breaking spell. Bonnie and Luka blackout.

Jeremy is still shouting his concern as Bonnie comes to. Stefan is caught between a disabled witch and the youngest Gilbert being held hostage by his maniacal ex. Katherine gives a grandeur impression that she's going to bite Jeremy's neck, purposely to get Stefan's attention. And she succeeds. Stefan jumps into the spell sealed tomb, throws Jeremy out, and is welcomed by Katherine's innocent school girl smile. There's a four letter word that no doubt entered Stefan's mind at this moment of revelation.

Bonnie takes Jeremy home and he protests the need for a babysitter. Feeling foolish over the situation, he admits to Bonnie, "I didn't want you to get hurt." Then, tries to convince her that there's something between them and she can't deny it. But thank God (and the writers, of course) she does. Her mind is definitely on the possibility of a relationship with Luka. But, how will she feel once she learns the pain she caused him?

At the Martin residence, Luka is resting, but Dr. Evil has put his hat back on. He listens as Elijah explains the days events. He left Elena alive because, like Katherine, he knew she'd be protected. Wanting her "safe," however, gives the ol' doctor concern. Perhaps he owes a debt to Elijah, and the only way to move on is by assisting in the doppelgänger mission.
"Of all the idiot plans, Stefan."
As Bonnie leaves through the backdoor of the Gilbert house, Elena and Damon arrive at the front. Damon reiterates the foolishness of Elena's actions as the audacity of her pulling such a stunt is unfathomable. "You shouldn't question why I would try to save all of you." The door opens and a roughed up Jeremy mutters the word that sends Damon and Elena flying to the tomb. "Stefan."

Upon arrival, frustration still fuels their power struggle. Damon won't let Elena near the tomb in anticipation that she'll run right in. At this state, I wouldn't put it past her, so he's right not to offer leniency. Elena gives up and retreats leaving Damon to have a moment with Stefan. Indeed he felt that Stefan being in the tomb was an annoying set back, but he only shows concern. He even addresses him by his name, and not the tantalizing "brother" nic-name. Damon vows to get him out, and agrees to Stefan's request to keep Elena away from the tomb.

Leaving Stefan behind in the sealed tomb, it's Damon who has to take the reigns of this operation into his own hands. Does he still have a team? Bonnie's weak, as is Jeremy; Alaric's on an ice cream binge; and Elena's on a suicide watch.

It may take some time and his vow to Stefan amuses Katherine. Damon spending enough time with Elena to keep her safe and away from the tomb- "That right there was the biggest mistake you've ever made."

Oh dear.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Katerina'- The Origins

What started as a whisper, slowly turned into a scream. Searching for an answer where the question is unseen. I don't know where you came from, and I don't know where you've gone.

Bulgaria 1490.

Katherine is giving birth to a baby girl in the Petrova family home. Immediately after delivery, her father orders the removal of the illegitimate baby. Labor pains do not mask Katherine's tears- she never held her only child.

Present day, Mystic Falls, the budding friendship between Bonnie and Jeremy continues in the parking lot of MFH. Jeremy shows himself the gentleman first by picking up Bonnie's fallen books, then by initiating an opportunity to spend more time together. "It's just you're Elena's brother." Although hesitant in this new territory, she accepts. She could use a friendly distraction, too. Soon, however, this distraction switches gears in the form of tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. Jeremy greets Luka with a handshake and if Bonnie had, too, then we'd know the status of this new-comer. So far his only crime in Mystic Falls is taking Bonnie's breath away.

Unlike her peers, Elena's priority this morning is to tend to the incessant bad news at the Broodinghouse. Rose is there to explain to Elena the danger as a doppelgänger because the oldest vampire in existence is looking to sacrifice hers. Rose insists, Stefan denies, and Damon declares a "definite maybe" over the situation in hopes to ease Elena's fears. Last we saw of Elena she was bruised, frightened, and compelled. So the harshness of her tone when denying Stefan the opportunity to join her to class seems almost reasonable. "I know where it is."
"She's the only one who knows the truth about Klaus."
Making haste in the woods, Elena leads Caroline to the tomb. Resistant to let her friend confront her maniacal maker, she concedes only after Elena pulls out all the stops by enforcing the Girlfriend Code. Now, Caroline is bound to open the tomb blockade as well as distract Stefan while Elena tries to get information out of Katherine.

Katherine creeps out from the shadows, drained. It's just the two of them- a truer meaning to the term mirror opposites. Elena comes bearing gifts, for a price. "You have the Petrova fire." In exchange for the explanation on Klaus, she gives Katherine the Petrova book, a blanket, a lamp, and blood.
England 1492.
As a result to Katherine shaming her family, she was exiled to England. There she came into acquaintance with The Originals. Deliberate or happenstance, she didn't wait around to find out. With help from Trevor she ran to Rose for shelter. Rose, who is in complete fear of Klaus- a vampire who's tales precede him, wanted nothing to do with a Petrova. Especially since she stole Klaus's moonstone.

"What does the Petrova bloodline have to do with Klaus?" It was Petrova blood that bound the Aztec Shaman's spell, and it's the sacrifice of the Petrova doppelgänger that can break it. As we learned last week, Katherine is the first doppelgänger. Perhaps there was a different kind of shame brought on her family when she gave birth. She was supposed to be the end of the bloodline and sent to England under the context that this fact held true.

At nightfall, Rose prepared to return Katherine to Klaus, but noticed she's stabbed herself. Katherine needed to be in pristine condition, so Rose forced her blood into Katherine's mouth moments before Trevor returned. "I love her, Rose." While Rose and Trevor were in a confrontation over what to do with the woman who's writing their death sentence, Katherine hanged herself in the next room. Sealing her fate and their demise. "Better you die than I."
"You can trust me."
While Elena's getting a lesson in family history, Damon is plotting her survival. He seeks out "Rosebud" for assistance in accessing Klaus, and interrupts her weeping over her late friend, Trevor. She tells him that to reach Klaus, he has to go from the bottom up. In this case it's a vamp named Slater in Richmond, VA.

Upon arriving, Damon threatens Rose to not get on his bad side by attempting a set up. "I'll rip your heart out and shove it down your throat. Something I'm very good at." Quickly, Rose pulls rank and suggests he show her his good side because she's older and stronger. That's settled. They enter the UV resistant cafe to meet a very kind looking vampire. He greets Damon to no avail. "It's nice to meet you. Maybe." Then, inquires about Trevor and is taken aback by the news.

Slater's also shocked to learn that Elijah is "beyond dead" as Damon so smugly put it. Nonetheless, he shares the process of contacting The Originals. Well, well, well, how convenient: Craigslist. As a scholar, Slater has centuries of knowledge including the power of breaking the curse. That is, whether the vampire or the lycanthrope, whichever breaks the curse first, the other will be doomed to the curse forever.

During their conversation, there is a street musician playing his guitar. Elijah steps into view, drops a one hundred dollar bill in the case in exchange for mere quarters and nickels (He must like what he hears). Damon inquires about the possibility of neutralizing the curse in order to spare Elena's life. Just as Slater is negotiating day-walking capabilities before responding, Elijah effortlessly tosses the coins towards the cafe causing the UV protected glass to shatter. Rose and Slater shriek in agony as they begin to burn.

"You remind me of someone. My best friend, Lexi."
Back at MFH, Caroline catches Stefan heading off of campus. It's her duty to distract him, but she's not the best at lying, so she tells the truth. "[I] told Tyler I'm a vampire." Stefan indulges Caroline at the Grill by allowing her to eat and ramble, all the while having Elena's well-being on the forefront of his mind. But enough's enough, he demands she end the charade and tell him where Elena is. "Caroline you have two seconds to come clean...where's Elena?" She refuses to tell him where she is, but reassures that she is not in danger. Suddenly, Stefan's tone and mood change as his mind goes to his next fear- she's with Damon. (Oh! Poor guy!) Caroline doesn't let that thought marinade, but holds her ground to Elena's secret. Girlfriend Code.

The Grill is the after school hot spot. Bonnie's there to meet Jeremy, but finds Luka and his father, Dr. Jonas Martin from Louisiana instead. "It's lookin' up." Bonnie joins them and is instantly questioned by Dr. Martin about her lineage in Salem, MA. Wearily, she confirms and saved-by-the-bell joins Jeremy as he enters. As she says goodbye, she cordially embraces Luka's shoulder finally getting a read on the mystery man.

Bonnie and Jeremy begin to play pool and their smiles couldn't be more inviting. (Wait? Have I had a change of heart about this potential couple?) However, smiles fade as Luka comes in to play winner. Bonnie happily sits out. Soon, Bonnie and Jeremy are, once again, beaming! (Kat Graham looks gorgeous here.) They haven't had this energy in so long due to the events of their hometown- it's sweet. Of course it doesn't last long as Luka, once again, steps into the picture. This time he's ready to come clean. He proves to Bonnie that he is a warlock, and apologizes for his dad's rude interrogation.

Their conversation is rolling and Jeremy, witnessing, pulls the switch on his emotions for his relationship with Bonnie. Alone again...
"You don't want to die? There's another way out."
Jeremy's not the only one turning the switch on emotions, back at the Broodinghouse, Damon and Rose are doing the same. They cheers "to friendship" and surviving the cafe attack. But it's no secret that being a best friend only gets you...dead. Since caring for others is suicidal, they turn they're emotions for others off, and turn the affection on for each other.

Lying barely clothed under a blanket in the parlor, they receive a call from Slater. He's alive and reveals to them that they need a witch and the moonstone in order to break the spell. After hanging up with Rose, Slater turns to Elijah and asks how he's able be compelled by another vampire. Elijah responds that he is a "special vampire." Then uses that special gift to compel Slater to drive a stake through his heart. Dr. Jonas Martin, Warlock makes an entrance as part of Elijah's entourage. "It wont be long now."

In the first sequence, Katherine was emotional over her baby which leads us to believe she's had reason to become a manipulative bloodsucker, but as the events unfold, we see she's manipulative in general. "I was always looking out for myself." She used Trevor to run and Rose to turn. Now, she's in Mystic Falls to collect on her check list to barter her freedom: Moonstone, Doppelgänger (Elena), Werewolf (Tyler), Witch true to the spell (Bonnie), and Vampire (Caroline). Staring straight into her mirror, Kat says, "Be you die than I."

Stefan arrives to find Elena contemplating her day's lesson. He insists that Katherine is a liar and can't be trusted. But, she hasn't shared the best part of the story yet (Oh, there's more? Goody!)- she shares that "[Klaus] will get his vengeance." Just like he did on her family, slaughtered. In the tomb, Katherine is "the safest psychotic bitch in town." Stefan and Elena leave Katherine to read over the Petrova family history. Seeing images of her family, after 500 years, she cries over their sketches.
I listen to a whisper slowly drift away. Silence is loudest, parting word you'd ever say. I put your world into my veins. Now a voiceless sympathy is all that remains. Amen omen, will I see your face again?
Arriving at the Gilbert house, Stefan tries to comfort Elena. "Don't shut me out." Although his embrace is strong, Elena has come to the crumbling realization that she's the reason why everyone she loves is doomed. "It's because of me." Elena finally has the whole truth. Her life is no longer sideways, but completely upside down. Months ago she was saved from a car wreck to preserve a curse so that one day her life and her blood would become sacrifice.

Double, double toil 'n trouble. Mystic Falls not only has a set of doppelgangers, but a witch and a warlock to boot! How did you like the history lesson of Katerina? Do you think you'll pass the test? Or maybe pass out because there's two full weeks before 'Sacrifice'- Share your OMG moments below, then find me, Danielle DuCré on Twitter @msdanielley, we can discuss Diaries in 140 characters or less..

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Lyrics: Ben Harper "Amen Omen"

A Rose Always Has Its Thorns


You can tell the villains are ruthless when they make a drop in broad daylight in highly suspicious shiny black vehicles.

In a quiet rural town, the kidnapper removes Elena from his trunk and places her inside the SUV. He's not a vampire, but the purchaser clearly is. As a result, now that his duty has been executed, so will he.

It's just the way things roll in this show.
"Please don't blame yourself."
It's the day after the Masquerade Ball and we find Jeremy Gilbert preparing for school. With every scene, Jeremy's character is solidifying his maturity. He has grown milestones from the brooding teenager he once was and there's no signs of retreat. Hollering at Elena, in brotherly fashion, he realizes that she never came home. After what happened last night at the Ball (being tortured due to a curse that linked her to Katherine), he assumes she probably wanted to sleep safely in the arms of Stefan. He'll consult the "heads up code" issue later.

Over at the Forbes residence, Caroline is giving Damon the rundown of Tyler's transformation. Matt and Sarah were compelled, Tyler snapped, and poof! werewolf. Damon questions her decision to let Tyler off the hook stating, "Guy's a tool," but she assures him that not turning Tyler in was in the best interest of all of them. Besides, she remembers how difficult it was during her own transformation, and she felt bad for the guy. Unfortunately her empathy doesn't bode well with Damon and he harasses her to keep their secret to herself. Then, calmly adds the location of Aimee's body to have passed to Sheriff Forbes to "save some time" in the search and rescue.

Arriving at Mystic Falls High, Tyler finds it booming with students. In most cases, if you see someone die before your eyes, it usually warrants you some time off- more so if it's at your hand. Tyler probably wishes he took that route as he makes his way through the students, the Missing Person (Aimee Bradley) signs, and a memorial in front of Sarah's locker. As Caroline walks by, he demands she share her knowledge. "How did you know?" Instead, she changes the conversation to less explosive topics, then walks off to class.

In contrast, the greeting between Stefan and Jeremy is more urgent. They realize that Elena is missing, and most likely in trouble.
"He's your worst nightmare."
Elena, tied at her wrists and ankles, is hauled in by the mysterious vampire in the SUV. She pleads with him to free her, but instead he proposes "just a taste." Leaning over Elena to satisfy his craving, he stops abruptly as a female vampire protests his hunger. Elena uses this as an opportunity to question their motives, as well as explain that she is not Katherine. Her persistence annoys the female vamp and like a pesky fly buzzing about, she is silenced by a swift, fierce SMACK! "I want you to be quiet."

After Elena comes to, she overhears her vampire captors bickering about their plans. Like Katherine, they, too, are on the run. Rose, the female vamp, wants to stay and end their feud once and for all, whereas Trevor wants to leave Elena, skip town, and call it good. But who are feuding with? As Elena slowly approaches them, she gains as much information as possible meanwhile looking for a way out. (Good for her not being a damsel in distress hugging her knees on the couch until her savior arrives.) She is discovered by Rose, and braves the question: Who is Elijah?
"The cliché of it all makes me itch."
Stefan wants to know how Elena is in danger if Katherine is trapped in the tomb. So, he goes to the number one source- Damon. "She's in the tomb. Period. End of story." Damon reveals that Katherine mentioned Elena needs to be protected, but doesn't want to go to Katherine for help because she'll conjure up a compromise for her release. Smart man. Rather, they seek out Bonnie to cast a locating spell.

Inside Alaric's class room, Bonnie uses Jeremy's blood to track Elena's general location. Stefan is on the move, but insists that Jeremy stay behind. Of course Stefan's not going to be the only hero. Enter Damon. "He's not."

Outside, the sun is about as peppy as Caroline's step. Until Tyler stops her in her tracks, cornering her once again. He is insistent upon her admitting she knows more about his curse than she's leading on. After all, she continues to show impeccable strength (Knocking Matt unconscious; pulling secret agent moves on Tyler, things like that). As she laughs when he's questioning her strength, I wonder if it's a disguise for: "Please, this isn't even the half of it." Nonetheless, he persists, "If you know something you gotta tell me. Because I can't handle this." Rejecting him again, he takes his frustration out on the garbage can. It goes flying for yards and lands with a crash. She is a witness to his struggle.

As for the Salvatore brothers, they are on their way. Road-tripping to save their girl. Stefan is encouraging Damon to open up and express his feelings, but Damon refuses. He doesn't want to have a road trip bonding moment with Stefan and share how he's upset that he has to take the backseat to this romance. He will, however, antagonize him. Much to his dismay, he can't one up his brother with this tactic either. Teasing him by offering him a sip from the blood bag, he learns that Stefan's been gaining tolerance by sampling Elena's blood daily. "How romantic." Questioning whether or not Elena would let the former wild Stefan sample her blood, and where is that fun spontaneous Stefan anyways? Stefan simply answers, "Guess he found something else to live for."
"I'm not invincible."
While Stefan and Damon drive the 300mi to rescue Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie return to the Gilbert house to restlessly await Elena's return. Jeremy confirms that they're in the clear because Alaric has taken Jenna somewhere in order to distract her.

Let us pause. This is what we call an ultimate fail on Alaric's part. What grown man allows kids to run around chasing vampires!? He just felt it best to call out from his classroom duties and his advisory role. Alas, the show must go on...

Bonnie tells Jeremy that she can try to send a message to Elena. She writes a note informing that Stefan and Damon are on their way while he gathers the supplies: Elena's hairbrush and a candle. Holding the note in her hand over the heat of the candle, Bonnie fights through what looks like extreme discomfort to complete the spell. Dazed, nose bleeding she opens her eyes, and in a split second she falls unconscious. Blackout.

When Bonnie finally awakes, we learn that she's been practicing so much that it's beginning to take a toll on her. She's stretching herself even helping them find Elena, but she's to remain in the middle, after all. Although Bonnie and Jeremy are having a moment, it's nice to know that their history together allows them to be comfortable with each other, regardless if there's a love interest or not. (And personal vote is......let there not.) Jeremy agrees not to share her weakness to others, and questions, "Do you think it worked?" Bonnie's unsure, but we see Elena unfold a piece of paper giving her a new hope. Yes, Bonnie. It did.

Breaking from the Gilbert house, we arrive with Caroline at the Forbes residence. Caroline is hesitant because she senses someone is in the house! Tyler? Precisely. He's over getting the runaround and flat calls her out. "I'm not leaving here until you tell me the truth. You're a werewolf. Say it." (Out loud.) Twilight scene reincarnate causes Caroline to giggle. Tyler shows that he is not too happy with that response by pinning her against the wall. Caroline will have none of that, so she flips him so that he's pinned under raging strength and fangs.

She releases him and has no other choice but to explain to him what she has become. Alcohol always helps in times like this (Apparently the Sheriff is still on duty). Tyler inquires about the possibility of other vampires. Caroline denies, then quickly asks about the werewolf population. She's ready to tell him more, but she needs him to confirm his secrecy. With the loss of Mason, Tyler doesn't feel he has anyone he can confide in. "I'm scared." He cries. She embraces her friend. And it's beautiful.

"The blood of the doppelgänger."
Rose is still annoyed at Elena's endless inquiries, but indulges her. She explains that she and Trevor are just the "delivery service," and that it is Elijah, one of the original vampires, who is the true threat. They have a debt to him and that's why they've been running. They plan to use Katherine's doppelicious clone to settle their debt because she's the key. At Elena's death, the curse binding the vampires to the night is broken.

The time to relieve their debt is now. Elijah has arrived. Elena can see that Trevor is scared, will she use that? Rose leaves them to find someone looking more like a big city salesman in the door frame. Would an original really travel alone? He's here for business, so she quickly begins her explanation. Before handing over Elena, she requests her pardon. However, I'm not too sure she correctly requested Trevor's pardon. Still, the old one confirms, "You have my word that I will pardon you."

I begin to see his authority as his presence looms over Elena (that and Nina Dobrev is a fantastic actress giving him everything he needs to be a creep). Slowly bending down, he inhales the scent at her neck confirming she's human. "Hello there." In addition, his authority is not mistaken when he takes off Trevor's head with a backhanded hit. Of course this occurs after he grants him cordial forgiveness.

Elena begs for assistance from Rose, but is unmet. So, she bargains the whereabouts of the moonstone. Elijah has no interest in bargaining so he rips off her vervain necklace and compels her into telling him the location of both the moonstone- and Katherine.

By now, Damon and Stefan arrive with their no "better reason to die" attitude. As Elena's captors attempt to remove her from the house, the brothers distract. Damon pulls Rose out of sight, and Stefan, Elena. Elijah warns, "You can not beat me. I want the girl."

Slowly Elena appears from around the corner. She acts as if she is going to comply, but as Elijah approaches her she throws a vervain bomb at him. (Nice toy, Alaric!) Stefan then tussles with Elijah, but it's Damon who stakes him to the door.
(Really? I know our Salvatore brothers are a fantastic team, but I thought it be more difficult to get rid of an 'old one.')

As Damon turns and sees Elena coming down the stairs he has the biggest smile of relief on his face. Then, Stefan steps into view and gives her a you're-safe-now-my-love hug. Damon's lovestruck smile crumbles away with the beating of his heart. And, is swept away with Elena's unspoken "Thank you."

Finally, Elena returns home. She shares tears of relief from both Jeremy and a recovering Bonnie.
"Guess I just needed my brother."
In the parlor, the Salvatore brothers share a drink to calm the nerves of the day. If Katherine was right, they have to protect Elena, and they agree to do so. In order to assist the united front, Stefan apologizes to Damon for turning him 145 years ago. "I'm sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn't want to be alone." He leaves Damon to ponder this sincere confession.

Soon, Rose makes a visit. Fortunately, she's not there to cause trouble. Finding Stefan, she mentions that she knew Lexi. She doesn't come out and ask to join the Salvatore coven, but she barters that she can help them with Klaus.

Meanwhile, Damon has escaped to Elena's bedroom. Entering bruised and shaken she's hesitant, hoping it's not history repeating. Damon has her necklace, but doesn't give it to her until he confesses: "I love you, Elena. And, it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you...I don't deserve you, but my brother does." With a tear in his eye, "God, I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do." Then, he's gone. Elena alone with her necklace securely in place.

Oh my gosh! Heartbreaking! I hope he doesn't do anything harmful. It almost sounded like a suicide note. Ian Somerhalder steals my heart every episode!

On another note, we're back in the abandoned rural house where Elijah was left staked to the door. As an 'old one' they should've disposed of him more thoroughly, because he's not dead. Well, not entirely.

Oh dear.

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"I'll rip this town apart until it rains blood."
Drinking already? Well, it's happy hour somewhere. Actually, the scene Caroline is recalling definitely deserves a double. Skipping the teen drama, she explains how while attempting to spy on Matt at the Grill, she was cornered by Katherine. Struggling to escape, she was unable to break free from Katherine's deadly grip. Only realizing her life was to be spared when she was ordered to deliver yet another message: Moonstone. Tonight. Masquerade Ball.

The Salvatore brothers have had enough of their triflin' ex and after 145 years they're ready to do something about it. "You're not going to kill her, because I am."

On the other side of town, we take our first look at Ms. Flowers (for those who've read the books, we can confirm that she does not have supernatural powers). This meek elder woman is carrying in several of Katherine's shopping bags. After setting them down and exiting the room, another woman comes into view. "Don't sneak up on a vampire." It's her witch friend, Lucy, who's been summoned for action.
"We're gonna kill Katherine."
It's good to see Matt with the family. Although it makes me slightly nervous due to the fact that he's under Katherine's compulsion. Back at the Gilbert residence, he, along with Elena and Jeremy, is gently guiding Aunt Jenna to the couch, easing her woes of running into a kitchen knife with laughter.

Jeremy follows Elena into the kitchen and begins to talk plan of action. But, Elena is too scared to try to go up against Katherine again and convinces herself that laying low will have an out of sight, out of mind effect. "You're just being naive and you know it."

Unsatisfied with Elena's approach, he heads over to where the real action is taking place- The Salvatore Broodinghouse. Alaric is giving the crew a crash course on 'How to Kill a Vampire 101'. It's an interesting dynamic to see all of these characters work together given their history (Damon seducing and feeding off of Caroline; killing both Alaric and Jeremy; attempted murder against Bonnie, to name a few). Nonetheless, Van Helsing has nothing on Alaric after he's done unveiling all of his tricks.

The mission is clear and the plan is ready for execution. Gathered together the crew confirms their commitment to the cause. Including the usually reluctant Bonnie, who agrees to perform a spell to conceal Katherine away from the innocents, and help as long as no one gets hurt. Damon interjects, "Except Katherine. Tonight Katherine gets a stake through her heart."

The festivities have commenced. And the people of Mystic Falls are dressed to the nines. Let's just hope their charitable egos don't get the best of them this evening.

Carol Lockwood prepares her son, Tyler, for the spectacle that is to take place. It was her late husband's favorite event, after all, and the show must go on. Tyler inquires about Mason's whereabouts (RIP Uncle Good Looking!), but much to his dismay doesn't not receive a satisfying response. "It's natural to feel abandoned. I just don't want you to feel alone." The dashing mother and son put on their masks with contrived smiles.
"God you're hot. Now go away."
The masquerade ball is mystical and grand. The crew is trying to trap Katherine by diverting her attention, but so far she's able to maneuver around at her leisure. It's her playground.

First, she confirms Matt's task with compulsion- he is to get Tyler drunk, start a fight with him, and continue fighting until Tyler gets angry and kills him. Then, during a slow dance with Stefan, she proves that she can not be played by demonstrating how many easy kills can be done throughout the night if she doesn't get the moonstone. Poor Amiee is exhibit A. Katherine kills her without breaking a sweat, and lets her limp body fall into Stefan's arms. "The moonstone, Stefan. Tick-tock." Ruthless!

After this experience, Damon has to shake the confidence back into Stefan because he's mumbling crazy thoughts of aborting the mission. "We can do this together. I got your back." Regaining focus, the mission continues. It's Jeremy's turn.

Jeremy and Bonnie have prepared an upstairs bedroom for the confinement spell. "I don't particularly enjoy any of this in case you haven't noticed." Oh, he's noticed all right. All night he's been stealing subtle gazes at Bonnie, even when she confronted the foreign woman giving off a vibe. In fact, he marveled at her then. Now, shares in casual conversation until he receives the "Go" from Damon. At once, Jeremy's off to stand face to face with Katherine.

"I'm not afraid of you." Jeremy holds his own as he suggests Katherine go meet Damon and Stefan near the lake. Of course, she's not going to settle for that, nor for Jeremy having the last words. "How's John, by the way? Were they able to sew his fingers back on?"

Caroline's turn.

Making eye contact with Matt as he's laughing and walking by with Tyler and Sarah, she receives her "go" message. Once again, she's cornered by Katherine, only this time the force is a little more desperate. Katherine questions Caroline on the Salvatore brother's plot, applying more pressure every time there is hesitation or is given a false statement. Either Caroline is really sticking to her guns right now, or she's about to crack- because Katherine is being brutal!

Leading Katherine up to the spelled room where supposedly Bonnie and the moonstone await, she exchanges her tears for giggles once she's successfully completed her task. "I really didn't think I'd be able to fool you, but I did it."

Meanwhile, Elena is curious as to why she is being avoided this evening. Jenna is recovering on the couch, Alaric is in the kitchen opening up a bottle of wine, and she learns that Jeremy is at the ball. "What are you hiding, Ric?" Unable to lie to Elena, Alaric spills the beans. Unable to hold his liquor, he falls asleep. This allows Elena to sneak out of the house and catch Jeremy just as he's finishing his chat with Katherine.

Bonnie and Jeremy quickly fill Elena in on what's going on. Taking everything with a grain of salt, she protests their plan. She doesn't want anyone else's injury to be on her hands, but doesn't realize that it's become inclusive. "It's not just you anymore, Elena. She's messed with all of us. She has to be stopped." (OK, I think this new sense of ownership and direction in Jeremy's life is the best thing that's every happened to him, aside from his haircut. Julie, Kevin-thank you!)
"The three of us together just like old times."
Stefan's turn.

"Hello, Stefan." Stake in hand, Stefan presents himself to Katherine in the sealed room. She's skeptical about the his confidence in the outcome of this rendezvous, because to her that stake looks like a flimsy piece of paper-maché.

Damon's turn.

Hoisting the air compressor gun, he fires right into Katherine's back. Elena's back? Katherine's back. They're tied. Everything Katherine feels, Elena suffers from, also. Fortunately, Bonnie and Jeremy realize the link enabling Jeremy to stop the heavy fight between Katherine and the Salvatores just as Damon begins the motion of driving a stake through Katherine's heart.

Katherine saved by the spell of a witch, and love of two brothers, begins her demands. The moonstone. She diverts Stefan's inquiries about her reasoning for possessing the moonstone by antagonizing Damon with the three's past love. Or, as Damon prefers to recall it: "An evil slut vampire who only loved herself." That sounds about right. However, she does mouth an 'I love you' to Stefan.

"Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?"/"You and me both." The two continue to jab, but Stefan keeps his detective hat on uncovering her relationship with George Lockwood in 1864. He repeats, "Who are you running from, Katherine."

Although the physical war between the Salvatores and Katherine has ebbed, Elena is still in pain. So, Bonnie finds Lucy to cease the spell over Elena; however, is in turn convinced to give her the moonstone. "You can trust me." Lucy takes the moonstone to Katherine and confirms her debit is clear before handing it over. "I said done. Give it." Easy, Katherine. Be careful what you wish for...

The moment the stone is placed in Katherine's hand she begins to convulse and gasp for air. It's like life is being sucked out of her. "She's a Bennett witch, but I'm sure you knew that."

Lucy is high-tailing it out of Dodge, but not before sharing a few insights with Bonnie, her distant cousin. Bonnie is pleading to know how to better understand what's going on with her abilities, and how to not get trapped between the imposing forces. "The middle of it is exactly where you need to be."
"If Matt fails I can't."

Matt has been encouraging Tyler to get liquored up all night. In the late mayor's study, he begins to pour vodka on the ground. We've heard of "pouring it out for the homies," but this is disrespectful. Matt under compulsion- non c'est bon. Despite Tyler's protests, he proceeds to share his drink with the "jerk" father in the picture frame. Soon enough pushing and punching ensues.

Caroline overhears the commotion and comes in to cease the fight. (She's becoming a regular crime fighter. Apparently she has more in common with her mom than she thought.) Matt won't let up! So she elbows him in the face knocking him unconscious. She's such a natural at fighting! I wonder if she took karate in her mortal life.

As Caroline checks on Matt, ol' Sarah reveals that she, too, is under compulsion. Using a letter opener she stabs Tyler. He's been trying so hard to stay calm through all of this, but the pain of that incision triggered a reflex that sent Sarah flying into the edge of the desk. She's dead. And the transformation begins.

After witnessing the curse take over Tyler, Caroline explains to Carol Lockwood the short version of Sarah's death. Tyler is going through a whirlwind of emotions right now, but Caroline is able to calm him down by expressing to him her deeper knowledge of the situation. "Has your wound healed?" (Love Candice Accola's delivery in this scene-perfect!)

"Death would've been too kind."

Stefan finds Elena. The excruciating pain is waning, but reminds her that she needs to stay focused on her family versus being selfishly in love. It's still over between her and Stefan.

Katherine is in the tomb. "I thought you would've learned your lesson by now messing with a Bennett witch." (Bonnie is gaining a lot of power in this episode, even if it's just spoken.) Damon is ready to finally put his love for Katherine to rest. She begs him to release her, even proposing that Elena is in danger as the doppelgänger. "Then I'll protect her while you rot in hell."

The background of the Masquerade Ball is mystical and grand. The mission has been successful despite two deaths and a new werewolf. And, the humble people of Mystic Falls can continue to revel in their spirited festivals and charities. Katherine will no long be an issue for them. But as two of the best writer's have revealed to us before, there's always a danger. There's always a threat. And right now it's this masked man trailing Elena. Kidnapped.

With or without Stefan, Elena, you will always be in danger.

God, I love this show!

Were you lost in the sea of masks, or did you find your way through the festival with ease? Do you think that Damon will really leave Katherine to rot til her death? Share your OMG moments below, then find me, Danielle DuCre on Twitter @msdanielley, we can discuss Diaries in 140 characters or less..

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Plan B

"You're staring."/"I'm gazing."/"It's creepy."
Good Morning, Sunshine.

For a change, it's a bright sunny day in Mystic Falls; and love is in the air. Well, love and agenda. Under one roof, Elena and Stefan are having a secret rendezvous. Under another, Katherine is tossing about with Mason. Although these lucky ladies (let's be real, lucky Nina Dobrev) have two of the hottest guys in Mystic Falls in their beds, their minds are elsewhere! Elena is worrying about the faux-fight being discovered by Katherine; and Katherine is inquiring about the whereabouts of the moonstone. Focus, ladies.

Of course it wouldn't be a good morning without a morning hit. Elena willingly offers her blood to Stefan. Katherine just takes.

At the Lockwood Mansion, all the good citizens of Mystic Falls are volunteering to prep for the Masquerade Ball charity event. Including Aunt Jenna and wait... was that Matt?! Jenna more distinctively spots Stefan and casually invites him over to join them for dinner. He declines giving her a half-hearted explanation of his and Elena's breakup. "That's not what it sounded like this morning." Busted.

Outside, Bonnie and Elena finally face each other. It's been an estranged friendship since Caroline turned, but they're able to put hesitations aside and talk it out. "Let's go for a walk." Unfortunately, Bonnie is still keeping her guard up. Her decisions about vampires will not waver even though one of her best friends falls into this category. She expresses to Elena her discord toward the fact that their friendship has been put on the back burner. "I know where I stand, Elena. And, I know where you stand. But, where do we stand."
"It's because of you that I'm in this in the first place."
Apparently Mystic Falls not only harbors vampires and werewolves, but ghosts as well. At least this is the expression on Mason's face as he walks by Stefan unloading decorations. "Hey Stefan. Wasn't expecting you here, or anywhere." Quickly inquiring about the status of Sheriff Forbes, Stefan assures him that she is well. He also assures him that he'd better handle his own dirty work next time. Shaken up and on edge, Mason turns right into Bonnie as he's making his getaway. This encounter causes Bonnie to pause mid stride because she's having a supernatural vision. Concerned, Stefan inquires about the image, but he can't believe what he's hearing. Elena and Mason kissing? No. Of course not Elena. But, Katherine.

Meanwhile, the broodinghouse is full of visitors. Down in the holding cell, Sheriff Forbes is still undergoing rehab. Seeing as she's disowned her daughter for becoming a vampire (because, of course, she had a choice in the matter), she spends her day sulking, brooding, and contemplating life. Caroline checks on her only to find that her mother is not only foregoing meals, but conversation as well. "Are you really going to pretend that I don't exist?" As she leaves her mother, Caroline states how her struggles never being of any importance is a reoccurring factor in their relationship. Alive or undead. This sparks an inquisitive nerve in her mother, who bravely asks, "Are you really dead?" Clearly she's still in shock over the whole matter because everything she knew about the enemy is being thrown out the window.

Upstairs, Jeremy is looking to get in on the werewolf action. Damon tries to leave Elena's eager younger brother at the doorstep, but Jeremy has leverage- he knows the whereabouts of the moonstone. Looks like someone's been doing their research. Well, he is a Gilbert, he just can't help himself... Damon takes this opportunity to rally up his partner in crime, Alaric. Although shocked to see Jeremy with the likes of Damon, he goes onto explain that the moonstone may be used to break the curse. Mission: Get possession of the moonstone.
"Werewolf thing aside, the guy is a surfer."
In order to fulfill the mission, they have to track down Tyler who they believe is keeping the moonstone. Of course he is among the good citizens setting up for the charity event, so their destination is the Lockwood residence. Jeremy, much to Elena's dismay, finds Tyler to try to hustle him for the stone. Meanwhile, Damon finds Stefan to fill him in. After Stefan is updated, he debriefs Damon on the relationship between Katherine and Mason which leaves Damon shocked and appalled at Katherine's chosen relationship. Then, he joins the crowd of disappointment upon learning that Jeremy is involved. "He's playing Indiana Jones, he involved himself!"

Is it time for Plan B? Jeremy discovers that Tyler no longer has the moonstone (Oh, no. Is he going to get kicked out of the crime fighting club for failing his first mission? Three is a crowd...). Overhearing this news, Stefan and Damon seek Bonnie's assistance in learning more about Mason and Katherine's relationship. They convince Bonnie that it is for the best of the town, and more importantly, Elena. "But you, witch, are gonna get over yourself and help us." She's reluctant, but agrees to help. Meanwhile, her estranged best friend is blowing her "breakup" cover by calling Stefan; worried as she watches the plotting go down from afar.

Mason is on his way out, perhaps to retrieve the moonstone. However, he diverts to assist a damsel in distress- Bonnie who is attempting to unload a table from a truck. As he approaches she strikes him with a brain aneurysm, but doesn't enjoy it as much as she does when Damon's on the receiving end. (Although Mason is in cahoots with Katherine, he is a very sweet guy.) In pain, Mason is down on his knees. Then, Damon comes in with a swift swing of the knee knocking him out completely. They load him into his truck and take off to the Interrogation Headquarters.
"When life gives you lemons."
Caroline is still discussing her new life to her mother. Thankfully, this is not a one way conversation, and her descriptions of what it truly means to be a vampire is not falling on deaf ears. Finally, they are bonding. Upstairs, however, the situation isn't as promising. Damon and Bonnie bring in an unconscious Mason, tying him up, and preparing to torture. Bonnie takes the less violent route and tries to read Mason's mind- and she does. The location of the moonstone is revealed: a well. Mason's reflexes grab Bonnie's wrist, giving her the cue to bow out. "Hey Judgey, thank you."

Bonnie jets, but is stopped by Caroline who shyly tries to build a conversation with the best friend who's disowned her. In an awkward moment, Bonnie has a choice of either agreeing to her vampire friend's company on the journey to find the well, or to continue to ignore her. Recalling Elena's plea to give Caroline a chance, Bonnie agrees. Hearing Bonnie's change of heart, Caroline beams from this reward. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Poor Matt. Seriously, I'm waiting for him to catch a break. All day he's been sulking over his relationship woes. According to Tyler, he has to take the good with the bad. But, he's become so distressed that he even asks Elena if Caroline is seeing someone! She reassures him that he is not contending with anyone else. Noticing that Elena has her own relationship qualms, he drops the subject.

Stefan steps into the picture but quickly leaves once he receives a text message from Bonnie with an update. For a vampire, Stefan has really bad hearing. He doesn't notice Elena followed him until she was standing right next to him at the well. Nonetheless, she's there as he takes a plunge...

Into vervain.

Quickly turning into a burn victim, he would've been gone for good had Caroline not heard Elena's screams. In a blur, she arrives as their personal 911 service. Lowering Elena down into the well, she first lifts Stefan out. Then, Elena and a small box containing the moonstone. With the help of Bonnie, who arrived shortly before Elena's decent, both Stefan and Elena are free from the well. Still, the rescue isn't over. Stefan lay burned, paralyzed, and unconscious. So, without any hesitation Elena cuts her hand to give him blood. (I hope the small daily doses will prevent him from going mad.)

Earlier Mason Lockwood expressed that he didn't trust anyone. He proved this by placing the moonstone in such a toxic location. His love for Katherine didn't even prevent him from protecting his opportunity to be rid of the curse.
"Just help Tyler. Don't let this happen to him."
Back at the Interrogation Headquarters, torture is underway. Damon has slapped, burned, and stabbed Mason, but he's still not talking. "I have all day." Jeremy enters taken aback at the scene, but proceeds to show Damon his latest discovery. A toxic herb to weaken werewolves. Making the decision to test it potency, Damon drags the wolfsbane across Mason's cheek. It sizzles. Then, he continues to interrogate Mason on his relationship with Katherine and why she's in Mystic Falls. "She's here with me. Jealous?" (Dirty mouth? Clean it up! Wolfsbane afterwash.)

Apparently Katherine is going to use the moonstone to lift the curse off Mason so that they can live happily everafter. "Now I get it. You're just stupid." Since Damon knows the feeling of being under Katherine's spell, he takes it into his own hands to rid Mason of his heartache.

Literally. He pulls a repeat offense by reaching into Mason's chest and removing his heart. Cue the melancholy music, the bagpipes, and the rifles because a day without Uncle Good Looking is indeed a day of mourning. RIP Uncle Mason. (Taylor Kinney- you will be missed! Great work!)
"Do you honestly believe that I don't have a Plan B?"
Caroline and Stefan arrive to the Salvatore residence. Caroline excitedly recalls her heroic adventure with her mother. Seeing how confident and lively her daughter has become since turning, the sheriff confides in Caroline that she will keep her secret. Although ecstatic about the possibility of their recent bond growing stronger, Caroline knows that her mom will never fully trust Damon and Stefan. So, through tears she compels her. "And all is right in the world."

Stefan finds Damon 'cleaning up' in the parlor, and shows him the moonstone. Then, Damon uncovers Mason's cell phone and uses it to text a farewell to Carol Lockwood. Noticing the last number called must have been to Katherine, he presses redial and makes a smug comment upon her answer. "Did I put a kink in your master plan?" Danger. Now you've just pissed her off. Before telling him to send her love to Stefan (Rude!), she confirms that although Mason's death may have been a bump in the road towards her goal, she is prepared to unleash every vicious backup plan if necessary.

Starting with Plan B.

Jenna and Alaric are at the Gilbert residence preparing family dinner when Elena walks in. The phone rings. And, while Jenna is chatting, Alaric attempts to debrief Elena on the events of the day. He is interrupted because Jenna passes the phone to Elena. It's Katherine.

She explains to Elena that she's very disappointed that she and Stefan have been sneaking around. Also, that she confiscated Jenna's vervain in order to use her as a spy. "When I suggested that the world would be a much better place..." Elena steals a look at her aunt just in time to watch her raise a knife and stab it into her abdomen. "Well, you get the idea."

Jenna is rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, she got lucky. (I hope CPS doesn't deem her as unfit!) In the waiting area, Jeremy consoles Elena who is showing remorse and defeat for the first time. "She's gonna pay, Elena."

The following scene is very powerful and emotional. (Wow. Just watch it.) Stefan is crying by the fireplace fearing Elena's next words. She blames their carelessness for Jenna's incident, and refuses to put her family in danger any longer. "It's over." Heartbroken, Stefan can't contest the truth. As Elena tries to leave, she is stopped by Damon who tries to take the blame for provoking Katherine. "It doesn't matter, Damon. She won. Katherine won."

Katherine's tactics are relentless and vicious. She wasn't lying when she said she'll kill everyone Elena cares for, first with Jenna and now...Matt!? (Ok Katherine, this is where I draw the line. Matt is off limits!) She's compelling Matt to pick a fight with Tyler because she needs a werewolf. "I'm going to go after Tyler Lockwood...and I'm not going to stop...until he kills me."

Whoa Nelly! Let's see what Katherine has in store for her doppelgänger at the Masquerade Ball. Share your predictions below, or tweet me your comments @msdanielley.